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الخميس, فبراير 08, 2018 - دبي

LogMeIn Middle East and Africa: Get To Know

Gerald Byrne, Channel Sales Director, LogMeIn EMEA

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Logmein 2018 2 1 channel me pg58 interview

Channel Middle East’s exclusive guide to the regional IT community’s leading lights and channel champions. This section in Channel Middle East delves below the corporate strategy and marketing rhetoric to understand what really makes the region’s channel movers and shakers tick…

What’s your career history to date? How did you end up working in Dubai?

I’ve been working for over twenty years now, and I first started with GE’s insurance arm as their country manager for Ireland. At the time I had an appetite for technology, and eventually joined up with Dell where I held senior positions in their acquisitions, marketing and operations departments over the years. I went to work for LogMeIn in 2014, and six months ago I became the director of their channel business in the EMEA region.

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