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الخميس, يوليو 01, 2010 - دبي

Mega Rock Nation Concert

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عدد الزيارات

التوقيت - من: يوليو 01, 2010 20:00

التوقيت - إلى: يوليو 31, 2010 03:00

المدينة: الإمارات العربية المتحدة

المكان: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


“SanDisk Middle East and Africa announced its participation with Rock Nation, the United Arab Emirates first local rock talent platform.
For the month of July, Rock Nation is conducting the July Rockathon, which is sponsored by SanDisk to encourage budding local rock music talent.
The July Rockathon is an on-going rock and roll event that has 16 bands playing on four back-to-back weekends all through the month of July at different venues across Dubai. The performances will include, Fatiniza – the Columbian performer who launched her debut album – Confusion, GoPilot – The energy punk rock band, and Brown Fusion – the reggae rock band, amongst others.
The final performance, being held on July 30th, 2010 is an acoustic show for all ages and will be held at The Shelter, Al Quoz. Some of the performing bands include Point of View, IED, BrownFusion, Ray the BeatBoxer and many more. One band will be selected from the 16 finalists that have the talent to put Dubai on the international rock and roll map.

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