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Monday, March 12, 2018 - Dubai

Managing a Channel Business Prudently

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Mazen A. Dohaji | Regional Director – Middle East, Turkey & Africa, LogRhythm

The largest challenges partners face at the moment is keeping up with the pace of technology innovation, especially with the emergence of the cloud, managed cloud services, managed security services and being able to support multiple consumption models. Channel partners are dealing with a range of issue from traditional CAPEX models through to cloud and subscription-based on demand offerings.

With the rise of the Internet, most end user customers be it consumers, SOHO or small business are increasingly comfortable doing their own research. They no longer rely only consultations  and engagements with channel partners like they used to in the past and that means solution providers have to up their game in not only nurturing the relationship with their customers but also ensuring that they stay relevant to the market they serve..

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