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Sunday, February 12, 2017 - Dubai

Newly Restructured Najibi Investments to Drive Next Growth Phase

SANAD Capital gets development approval for phase one of its billion dirham invest-ment in Australia

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Talal y. najibi

Najibi ME, Dubai announced plans to restructure some of its business interests further under its newly established Najibi Investments LLC. The move comes on the heels of receiving development approval for the company’s landmark investments in Australia’s leisure, entertainment and real estate sectors.

“With the formation of Najibi Investments in Dubai, which is to become our flagship growth-driven vehicle, we are looking forward to a very exciting 2017 for our business,” said Talal Y. Najibi, Executive Chairman of Najibi Investments. “The strong performance of our traditional business interests in 2016 will be bolstered in 2017 by our one of its kind active lifestyle integrated tourism project on ”http://sanadcapital.com.au/">Australia’s Sunshine Coast.”

Rooted in the Middle East, Najibi has been in business for over 50 years and has tackled heavy-duty challenges on the road to success. As one of the region’s largest independent family-owned groups, Najibi is built on a resilient foundation of trust, commitment, and integrity, and even through changing and turbulent times, Najibi has scaled from strength to strength, across different business industries.

“Najibi was set up in Manama, Bahrain where, decades ago, trade and commerce flourished in conjunction with the discovery of oil and gas reserves in 1932,” he continued. “Through interests in trade, construction, manufacturing and hospitality, Mohamad Najibi founded the business, and injected direction and guidance into the group that grew it into the powerful, diversified conglomerate it is today.”

A strategic move in 2003 brought Najibi to Dubai, under the leadership of Talal Y. Najibi, who placed a keen focus on the trading sector, and undertook ventures in real estate, manufacturing, industry and retail.

“Continuing this tradition of constantly diversifying our portfolio to take positions in sectors where we see opportunity, our decision to create Najibi Investments is very strategic. It will become our corporate vehicle to grow our existing assets and diversify into more economic sectors over the next 5 years.”

Najibi Investments set up a company called SANAD Capital in Australia to develop and manage the project, as well as look at profitable investment opportunities in the hospitality, technology, infrastructure and real estate sectors there. Valued at over AED1 billion the project code named ACTVE just received its Development Approval from the Queensland State Government and the Sunshine Coast Council for phase one.

“Once complete, the plans comprise of a waterpark, great lawn and events area, extreme water sports facilities, a sports training and development complex, an exhibition and conference center, cafes and restaurants, international and local retail outlets,” said Bradley P. Sutherland, General Manager of Najibi Investments. “Phase two of the project will see plans to develop a 225 room four-star hotel .”

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