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Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - Dubai

Silver Peak Unity

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Silver Peak Unity, the WAN fabric, unifies the enterprise network with the public cloud. Unlike traditional WAN optimization solutions, Unity correlates information about cloud services and Internet “weather” to intelligently route traffic over a secure, optimal path. By keeping SaaS and IaaS traffic on Unity fabric, IT gains an ability it’s never had: the ability to monitor and control connectivity to the cloud while ensuring consistent SaaS performance.

Silver Peak Unity combines unique technology for monitoring, controlling and optimizing the new network. Advanced Exterior Routing identifies the closes egress to cloud data centers and directs traffic to a cloud service over an optimal path. Advanced Interior Routing dynamically selects the fastest, least-congested, or most available path for traffic by monitoring packet loss, latency, and bandwidth in real-time. The Unity fabric is built on IPsec VPN security without any performance degradation, using AES-256 encryption with SHA-1 authentication and simplified deployment model.

E-MAIL US: info@tcf-me.com

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