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Monday, June 19, 2017 - Dubai

Turkey... Magical tourism destinations and luxury spas

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Mustafa Krak talking to Alnaba: Bader for Travel presents innovative services all the time and provides best prices in spas and hotels in Turkey.

Badeer on Line; is a reservation system for hotels and flights in addition to dedicated car rentals for tourism company and organizes travel packages>

All you need found in Antalya> Commercial malls and heritage markets are the wonders of Turkey’s markets

Fathyyah area is located on the sea and is known for tranquillity and the magnificent yachts as it is preferred by the world’s richest people to spend their most beautiful times>

Turkey surprises the world wih everything new. The Goverment determined to turn Turkey “the continent” to be the world’s first tourism destination. Badr Tourism Group is one of the pillars of this tourism boom through its excellent services. Its history has been very successful for over 25 years, especially since it has been taking steady steps in the Turkish tourism market since 1992, considering the privacy of Arabian Gulf tourists.

E-MAIL US: info@tcf-me.com

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