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Sunday, June 08, 2014 - Dubai

Turkish Cultural and Tourism Office: On the Road in Ramadan

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Many Muslim avoid travel during the Holy Month, but this year it coincides with the busy school summer break, and the tourism industry is preparing to welcome fasting guests.

In Turkey, the second-ranked halal destination, Ramadan and Eid events take centre stage throughout the country. Mustafa Ozdemir, the cultural and information attaché for the Turkish Consulate General & Information Office, says that visitors are welcome to get involve in Ramadan activities, such as group iftars. “Many restaurants are ready with their special menu for iftar. They prepare Turkish foods, kebabs, traditional desserts such as baklava, and gullac (a special dish serves during Ramadan) made with milk, nuts and pistachio, which is often enjoyed in faced,” Ozdemir says.

In Istanbul, the main activities are centered around Sultan Ahmet Mosque, where thousands of families gather with their picnic baskets each evening for iftar on the lawn.

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